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2nd Advanced Architecture Contest FINAL VEREDICT

After revising and discussing the projects of the the 2nd Advanced Architecture Contes. The jury members, composed of Yung Ho Chang, Turlif Vilbrandt, Young Joon Kim, Michel Rojkind, Josep Lluís Mateo, J.M. Lin, Julio Gaeta, Greg Lynn, Vicente Guallart, Willy Muller, Lucas Cappelli, Rodrigo Rubio and Daniel Ibañes have arrived at the following verdict: 

Firstly however, the jury would like to thank all of the architects and students for their participation who have combined very diverse points of view and cultural realities through their ideas of self-construction in order to foment and develop new constructive systems around the world.

Awarded projects:

1st Prize: F1C243
Ming Tang
Dihua Yang
This proposal uses a traditional local material, implementing geometry elements in a pertinent way creating structures able to transform and re-inform themselves . The jury values its landscape integration and the possibility of being constructed as prototype. 

2nd Prize: 5923BC
Luis Aguirre Manso
The jury values the hybridisation of light construction systems that rise from the ground, and the
functional scheme surrounding the chimney, that follows principles of traditional architecture.

3rd Prize: C2BD4E
Shinya OKUDA
Kung Yick Ho Alvin
Lam Yan Yu Ian
The jury values the use of advanced technologies in the manipulation of biodegradable materials to create a system that can be assembled as a sustainable construction.  

The jury is pleased to also give two mentions:

Mention 1: 0dc65b

The jury values the social character of the proposal as it explores the question of the nomadic approach to construction, by means of very light constructive systems. 

Mention 2: 8971b1

The jury values the possibility of a house that may be constructed from a single material using  processes of digital fabrication.

In the case that any of the winners of the three awarded projects are unable to fulfil the Master in Advanced Architecture at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the prize could be given to one of the designers of the Mentions.

See ALL the finalists here:

1st Prize: F1C243

2nd Prize: :5923BC
3rd Prize: :C2BD4E
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